keskiviikko 7. tammikuuta 2015

X takes place/ Christopher

Foto: Tibu Borgstén

X takes place

Some of us can enter a room
like an earthquake,
or clean up the whole house
like a tornado.

While some children always know
when to hide in the closet
before the hurricane in the family
takes place.

Yes, we read about tsunamis
but do most of us even care
what happens at the neighbors?
Why do I feel like most of us live like
volcanos –
without believing in bigger powers?

 How many landslides,
floods or more famine do we need
to learn to love and understand the earth –
and each other more?

Christophers word were: tornado, hurricane, tsunami, earthquake, landslide, famine, volcano and flood. A man who knows so much of the earth, planets and weathers.. :)

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