tiistai 6. tammikuuta 2015

Direction/ Ralph

Foto: Tibu Borgstén

Isn´t retirement
a big storm on the sea
‘till you find your own
island and your soul again?
And the rest of the family..

As yesterday
your days will be filled
with low esteem,
but you will manage to light up
everything for you
and yours.

Happiness lies next to you.
No need for helping hands,
but courage to take
steps in the right direction.

Life is a dance
with no guarantees,
but it may give you
contentment in love.
And from that
to make dreams
come true.

Ralphs word was; retirement, motivation, direction, low esteem, helping hand, family, contentment and happiness. Tarja gave me a big helping hand again by correcting ..
Thank you both very much.  

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