keskiviikko 17. joulukuuta 2014

Men in red

Foto: Tibu Borgstén

He fills up the space
like a black hole -
with his so self-confident energy,
and that manly smell that takes over your brain.
He walks smoothly and soundlessly
around in his shining shoes like a restless figure,
noticeable to everyone -
as if awakened in the middle
of their daydreams.

What can a man do?
We all know how to play,
the game of the games.
And still, one by one -
we might fall for him,
without any rules of love.
And he might stick a knife
into your heart any minute.
So watch out!

Watch out for men in red,
who come and go quietly,
and smile like a snake before
they catch you.
Before they want to love you
and squeeze you to death.

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