lauantai 31. lokakuuta 2015

When I got back in time

    When I got back in time..
    Flying around
    in your uplifting and inspired music,
    while you are playing
    I got back in the pictures
    with my grand grand mom
    and the cows made of cones
    like art of life
    and Picasso.

    And while you where standing there
    playing your guitar in a mood for life
    I could see and hear you.
    Bernie, I could really see and hear you
    all the way from times,
    and all the smells of the flowers and love
    coming from every corner..
    And I knew from your smile
    and the beat of your hearth,
    that even you had tasted it..
    The good and mean fullness of life
    and you lost your way to yourself
    because of all that love
    and beauty that danced around you-

    So here we are sitting
    in silence
    playing and listening at all that music again
    in out heart.
    And soon, very soon
    the snowflakes will dance down on earth
    and makes new turnings..

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