sunnuntai 2. elokuuta 2015

I want to be

Foto: Heikki Toivanen

I want to be
like flowers and butterflies
who don´t have a need - to cry.
Like me sometimes
when the night breaks
and all my dreams rains down from heaven
like chocolate - melting on my bare foots.

That´s when 
that´s exactly when - I sit down 
on ice instead of drawing pictures on it
or skating away 
from all the heartbreaks
that keeps coming 
to my front door.

Hay You!
Knock, knock exactly you there!
Would´t you want to be so much more..
More than just this?
Would´t you want to reach higher up..
Al the way up to the sky?
And simply just become one
happy little lemon tree,
in a stream of life 
where we just fly around
in circles without any 

And I say
yes - yes 
I wan´t so much more than this.
I wan´t to be - I wan´t to be
like flowers and butterflies.
Yes I wan´t to be something
without having to fall down
on my knees - over and over again
and cry.
That´s what I wan´t
to be.

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